Sunday, March 29, 2009

Magical Moments

Monarch Butterfly always come to our garden every year in late Summer or early Autumn. In order to help them undergo metamorphosis and to watch its steps as a part of our home-schooling science program, we plant swan plants, also known as milkweed, in our garden, to attract them, provide them food, and then lay eggs. (Have a read my journal of Raising Monarch Butterfly)

curiosity by ab '09

The curiosity is building up when we see butterflies are fluttering over the swan plants, and stayed there for hours, to sip the nectar and lay eggs. My children will count tiny eggs and watch them every day until they are hatched to be a tiny larvae, growing to be a big and fat caterpillar. Fascinating, really!

Here are some of the magical moments I have captured to mark the days of science as a life-long learning of science, nature and life cycle, as well to be aware of clean and green environment as to help maintaining Monarch butterflies generations and preparing them to migrate later on.

gentle touch by ab '09

My little girl is always fascinated by butterflies and here, she's trying to get her to move to her finger tip. Yes, I keep reminding her that she has to do it delicately.

gentle touch3 by ab '09 gentle touch2 by ab '09

The caterpillars are poisonous to other insects, marked with its yellow and black stripes. They were allowed to touch them but they have to wash their hands immediately afterward.

From Caterpillar to Green Pupa by ab '09

This is the steps a caterpillar turns into a green pupa. It will split its head and out come this green wax, from head right through the top. It will wriggle for quite sometime (which is amusing) in order to build its contemporary home before it turns black.

Black Pupa to Newborn Monarch Butterfly by ab 07-09

Now, this is the process when the pupa has blackened and is ready to hatch out. We, again, watched this very moment. I can't tell you more than the photos can. It's just miraculous! Amazing!

Newborn Monarch butterfly by ab 07-09

When they are just newborn, they'll be 'wet' and delicate. They'll hang onto their empty chrysalises until they are ready to fly. Sometimes, we have to move them to a safer place, because we have cats around. They like the Buddleja plant, which grows in the back of the shed. We often place them there for their first food while strengthening themselves to get ready to fly and migrate. Until we meet again, beauties!


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

This is a beautiful set of photos. I love the way you've captured every stage of the butterfly's life.

NĂºria said...

Awesome!!!!! How lucky you are to see this magical moments! Thanks for sharing!

LyB said...

That is fantastic, Arfi! I've never seen anything like that, thanks so much for sharing. :)

Veda Murthy said...

what a lovely creation of a new life!!!!!and what a lucky person u r to have captured it completely!!!!!simply brilliant!

Veds said...

Oh wow, how long did the whole process take place ?
Thanx for sharing :)

Sunshinemom said...

You have actually caught the miracle as it was unfolding! How beautiful. Thanks for the images:).