Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Photography #3: Studio

Dita has another task for us to do this month for home photographers to do Home-Photography with this month's theme: Studio, after HP #1 and HP#2-Property. First thing when I saw her email, I said to myself 'nah, I won't do this' as my mind is whirling around to that flashy lights and sophisticated gears which a studio holds. I don't have such gadgets and I don't even have a tripod! Trust me, it's true. All the photos I produced are basically from my a desk and a home-made reflector with suitable amount of lights coming from the big window in the living room whose my own hands are as the 'tripod'.

This is the place I always use for taking food photos. A desk, a simple desk. And here are some photos I've produced from this setting. Nothing fancy, isn't it!

coffee macarons2

coffee macarons

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Dhi said...

dream garden mbak... dengan jendela besarnya. Wah, bagus banget lightingnya