Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Foto Experiment-Mirror Reflection

When I got a chance to be home alone, I started to prepare to shoot oranges using mirror to make reflections. I really did not have a clue how to do such work and I sort of doing trial and error. The trouble is that we only have one big mirror in the bathroom and I thought well, how am I going to do this?

Inspired by the other photo that I took before on oranges as well, I was thinking how am I going to get a reflection of the oranges from the bowl without having me in the mirror? Really, the angles are difficult, tougher work than I thought before. I searched more mirror which I found in the cottage, an old one with crinkled frame. I had to take it out of its frame and clean the mirror. The bad news was that this mirror is an oval-shaped one, not a big square one. I was a bit frustrated.

This is the first reflection I created.


Out of 100 or more clicks, I chose the one above is quite alright (although not satisfying to my eyes yet). I moved on to a simpler trick. I'd like to create a dimension where I can see the orange upside down or joining the stem. Using the big square mirror was impossible because I had to take off the frame which I did not bother to do. I tried to use the old mirror and it was difficult. I have tried different angles and compositions, but none of them is great. Here's one of them.


As you can see, the stem is sort of joining but I only could take 3/4 of the orange from the refelction. I only use my hands to create these photos. I hold the mirror on my left hand and camera on my right hand. A bit of a struggle, but hey...

Now, the last one is a still life, I mean it is really still. I only drop some orange juice on top of the fresh orange to give an image of wet and juicy. It was almost dark and my family started to unloading themselves from the car, so I had to end my own journey, back to the reality.



bee said...

that is lovely arfi. try using a black polished granite tile. that reflects well too, and it won't show your refection.

Indonesia-Eats said...

Love the second picture, mbak