Thursday, January 1, 2009

[Foto Experiment] Self-Portrait

Not knowing what to do with selfies, I am just moving on. Perhaps, it need a chemistry between the photographer and herself in the mirror, mind you, I am NOT a model. Not used to goggle in front of the camera and felt really odd. Other than brushing my hair or applying face cream, I never put myself in front of the mirror for hours. It's not that I don't appreciate what I've got, but I think I don't have the value to be photographed, rather than to document for my kids when I am dead, really.

Anyway, I have to do this. This is only one of many elements in photography other than food that I am exploring. I am still kind of speculating what I am doing here, because I am not really interested in me. There's nothing 'delicious' about me, really. However, I've done it and I still need to go through it, perhaps not in the meantime. I like to capture food more rather than myself. I appreciate if you have or have not the feedbacks for me. I can understand.

me and sarah

me, myself and i

me, sarah and bibbie


Happy New Year!!


mae said...

I luv 2nd and third pictures ! So clear and sharp. Hal tersulit yang aku temui saat bikin self potrait adalah memfokuskan objek yaitu kita sendiri. Terutama kalo pake tripod, kadang kala fokus yang ditangkap justru pada latar belakang, dan objek blur. Sedang untuk motret didepan cermin belum pernah, I don't have a large mirror in my house instead some small mirrors. Maybe I should try to take a self porait in front of a mirror next time... Still have a narcism side inside of me to explore, wakakaka....

Nike said...

keren Mbak.... :)

Barbara said...

I haven't looked at your photo blog in months. These are lovely photos of you Arfi. They made me realise how much I miss you.